The TTI uses several different methods to provide easily accessibe training and continuing education services to those who need it.

On-site Training

For DWI facility staff, the Institute offers Rewind, a 5-hour classroom training with refreshers and updates. E-508 and WIRM portal training is also offered.

Pre-Certification training for Drug Education School Instructors is offered in the spring and fall of each year, or as needed. This training is required for all persons wishing to facilitate the State approved NC Drug Education School curriculum.

TASC Care Managers are provided with continuing education and professional development classes on a diverse number of topics throughout the year.

Participants of all trainings are provided with a certificate of attendance.

Online Courses

The TASC Clinical Series is selection of fundamental topics required for TASC Care Managers. Each course is NAADAC accredited. In addition to the Clinical Series, more than 1000 continuing education courses are available to Care Managers though our third-party content provider, Relias.

The Institute also offers the New DWI Provider Orientation training, as well as a handful of NAADAC accredited continuing education courses for DWI.

Substance abuse professionals have access to several un-accredited courses in addition to the accredited Ethics Pre-Certification course.

Each NAADAC accredited course for DWI, Ethics, and the Clinical Series provides a certificate of completion to users after an end-of-course exam.

Live & Recorded Webinars

Drug Education School Quarterly Webinars are brief, one hour policy, procedure and educational updates presented by the Institute.

The DWI Webinars for Providers series are brief, one hour policy, procedure and clinical updates presented TTI and State DWI Services staff.

Care Managers can attend any number of continuing education and professional webinars presented throughout the year. These webinars are recorded and available to watch on-demand in TASC Care Managers section of our site.

The Institute offers webinar participants certificates of attendance upon completion of a survey following each broadcast.